Jennifer Corso

A California Girl.  Jennifer grew up in Riverside, Ca. She has owned and operated two small businesses over the past twenty years. 
Spending all her life in California, from The Bay area to currently living in San Diego, Jennifer has a primary passion for real estate opportunities in this beautiful state.
Jennifer is a woman who is passionate about people and life.  She is determined to make the most of every moment. She will work hard for you.  Listen to what you want, and be there for you every step of the way.
Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, Jennifer is engrained with the fiber that clients are for life. Word of mouth travels fast, and reputation is of primary importance. She will treat you the way that she would expect to be treated.  
Jennifer enjoys hikes with her family, the beach, Bikram yoga, skydiving, surfing, coffee and her shark tank.
Jennifer is Ambitious, Driven and a Passionate person. She is a firm believer that, "This is the only Moment we have, RIGHT NOW, so BE PRESENT, and make it happen."
The sky is only the beginning.  No limits.  Be Amazing.